Hello Mr. or Mrs. ________, my name is _____ with Senior Benefits and One Life Insurance. 


I’m calling to inform you about the newly passed low cost Final Expense and Burial plan that has just been approved a couple of months ago here in the State of Illinios.  The great news is Everyone CAN qualify.


 Now,  _______, I have your information in front of me, BUT I don’t show any record of anything being processed, but I can get that taken care of for you. It’s very quick and easy and only take a few minutes.


Before we get started, I do want to make sure you understand what Final Expense Insurance actually is.  Final Expense is a policy that God forbid, if something were to happen to you, your family would receive a tax free check to pay off your funeral expenses.  This would relieve that Financial Burden of having to pay funeral costs that would be passed on to your family.




Mike Fairbacher will be coming out on __________ at ___________ time.




When you speak to the clients on the phone, be prepared to overcome 2 OBJECTIONS.  If you can’t overcome 2 objections, THEY WIN.  The client is objecting because they DO NOT trust you yet, so you need to overcome the objection and build the repour.


Now is not a good time, can you call back later?

          __________(name of person) I understand how you feel, although this will only take a few minutes and we will be able to provide you with the FREE information you are looking for,

NOW……I would like to confirm and inform you what Final Expense Insurance is…..go to script


I was just looking around for different quotes!

          __________(name of person) I understand how you feel, and if I were in your shoes I would do EXACTLY the same thing.  NOW let me inform you that this is your lucky day.  We work with over 25 carriers, from Foresters, Mutual of Omaha, AARP & Globe Life.  What our agent will do is show you a about 7 programs that will provide you MAXIMUM COVERAGE at the LOWEST possible price.  In a nutshell we do the shopping for you. 

NOW I would like to confirm with you what final expense insurance is…..go to script.


I already have insurance!

          __________(name of person) I understand your situation and it sounds like your ahead of the game.  What our agent will do is come out and provide you a FREE review of your policy.  Its basically a tune up.  If your set, he will tell you so, and if you need to fine tune your policy a little he can do that as well.  Best part, You get a FREE POLICY review, so make sure you have your policy handy. 

NOW I would like to confirm with you what final expense insurance is…..go to script.


I have a doctors appointment at that time!

          __________(name of person), sure I understand.  What time is your doctors appointment?  (they say 11AM).  OK, let me check the schedule, pause.  I see our agent will be in the area tomorrow evening.  Is 5pm or 6:30pm better for you?


Tomorrow isn’t going to work – I’m busy all day.

          __________(name of person), sure I understand you have a busy schedule.  Let me ask you this, what time to you eat lunch?  (they reply  Noon)  Well, this is a very quick process for our agent to meet you and provide you the information .  It literally takes 5 minutes.  The agent has time and can swing by at 1130AM or 1230PM, which is better for you?  (If they object)  Go to the evening hours.


OK to 10AM tomorrow.  But I want a confirmation call.

          __________(name of person), sure I understand how you feel and if you have a pen and paper, I need you to write this information down (provide day and time of appointment)  NOW, our agent will be in the field and most likely not able to provide you a call before coming, but with the appointment tomorrow, I have found if you have it written down, it will provide as a great reminder for you.  NOW remember, the appointment is very quick and the agent will be providing you with a lot of FREE information.



Not Right now  -    Sure, I understand, however it only takes a minute or two to confirm the information you provided our agent services, NOW, the correct spelling of your name is….

Not interested -/Not interested right now-   Sure I understand that sometimes people may change their mind, HOWEVER,  new affordable plan has just been approved in your state and almost everyone qualifies.  We work with over 25 carriers which allows us to PROVIDE YOU THE MAXIMUM COVERAGE AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PREMIUM….now I have the spelling of your name as……..


Already have Ins- that is great it’s good to be ahead but the cost of funeral has increased over the years. Although we have found that a FREE policy review can confirm you are set, and also confirm exactly the type of coverage YOU have, its kinda like a tune up for your car, EXCEPT IT FREE.  We have found that the average cost of a funeral has increased quite a bit over the years, and the last thing you want is to leave a FINANCIAL BURDEN on your family when you die.  now I have the spelling of your name as……..

I don’t think I can get any insurance (Health Problems)-I'm sorry about that But that is ok, this new plan is approved to cover everyone regardless of Health conditions.

What is Final expense-Final expense is a life insurance policy that covers burial expense and any other debts or obligations you may have.

How much will it cost- The policies are inexpensive and have only small monthly premiums. Most of the time, plans are as low as $1 dollar per day.  now I have the spelling of your name as……..

if customer wants mail / email :   There is a ton of FREE information, and odds are you won’t understand it all as there is so many options.  When you need a car tune up, you don’t ask them to send it in the mail / email to you, of course NOT, you meet with the mechanic and get the information you need, well, it’s the same thing here.  now I have the spelling of your name as……..

Where did you get my information from-we have a database of seniors

No Income/No Money-I understand, that is the GREAT thing about this plan for many people it may cost less than $1 per day, now I have the spelling of your name as……..

Company:          Sentinel Security Life.  Been in business over 60 Years.
Location:           We’re located in Nationwide, but we have an office here in Chicago and a corporate office in                        

                          Salt Lake City Utah.










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