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Business Tip for BOB Manufacturers

Lower your Product Prices to an 3 Tier Wholesale Price Schedule.  One of the biggest complaints from Black Consumers is high product retail pricing.  If you can afford to lower your prices, please do so, more sales is better than no sales at all.

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The Problem

"Building Black Business Ownership by utilizing Business Models that work"

The Solution


The Program

The Results

  • Black Business have an 80% chance of failing within the first year.

  • Due to the Socio-economic status of Blacks, most BOB's don't have the finanical resources to start and operate their businesses efficiently.

  • BOB's Lack the knowledge and resources to fully develop  several key areas of the business operations process (Marketing, Sales, Training and Financial Planning). 

  • Work together to deliver the key areas of business development needed to achieve success!

  • Support Black Owned Business in every way possible (Purchasing, Networking, Referrals, Loyalty).  There are so many ways you can support BOB's. 

  • Change the negative repeated affirmations that are often spoken about BOB's. It's not about Race, when it comes to getting bad service or products from a business,

  • Black People trade almost $2 Trillion per year and most of that money never reaches Black People, Businesses or their Communities. 

  • Most Black Neighborhoods in America are poor.  Not only are the people poor, the roads are ragged, the homes need repair and the businesses are struggling to keep their finances above water.  The BOB Program has been commissioned to help resolve these devastating circumstances.

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The Implentation Process involves using several proven methodologies and business models. Here is a general guide on how we start the process:

  1.  Client completes a SalesLearning Agreement, New Client Questionnaire Forms and submits all Marketing Materials, Media Kits, Wholesale Lists, Discounts, Introductory Offers and any other documents.
  2. Client Selects Calling Areas (Targeted Groups, Zip Codes)
  3. The Client Portal is built by the Technology Team.  (includes, Electronic Orders Forms, Marketing Materials, DNC Lists and much more)
  4. A few Sales Consultants are trained on your specific marketing campaign.   A Team Leader will be assigned to your account at this time.
  5. A written telephone script is tested by the Sales Director and the Sales Consultants are trained.
  6. Training is conducted primarily by Webinars, which each Client is invited to attend at thier convenience.
  7. In the first week several Customer Leads are generated.

Daily and Weekly Goals are set on each Marketing Campaign.  Depending upon how many Sales Consultants are dialing on your campaign.  

  1. At least 100 B2B, B2G or B2C telephone numbers will be dialed on each Marketing Campaign eveyday.

  2. The Sales Goal for the BOB Program is approximately 20 qualified Customer Lead Forms per day.

  3. Customer and Consultant relationship is established.  The Sales Consultant will continue to build a strong relationship and maintain their account for the life of the SalesLearning Agreement.

  4. Recomendations and Changes are made accordingly.  Customer Feedback is greatly encouraged.

  1. Out of the 100 Dials each day, at least 10% will turn into a sale within the first 30 days depending upon your products and services.

  2. A established solid business relationship is sustained through emails, multiple conversations and order processing.  

  3. Financial Rewards and New Generated Revenue helps BOB's, where they are able to hire more employees from the Black Community.

  4. The BOB Program is a Success and Everyone Wins!


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"So let's stop talking about the Problem and get to the Solution.  We're pass the Implementation Stage, now we need positive Results."

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